Terms of Service


The client(s) engages the services of CREDIT RESTART LLC, under the below mentioned terms and conditions:
1) Client(s) Commitments & Terms: All clients/customers/former and past clients, agree to forward all correspondence from the credit bureaus to CREDIT RESTART LLC including, but not limited to, letters and credit reports.

CREDIT RESTART LLC cannot perform the service provided without obtaining copies of the credit reports and all correspondence from the credit bureaus. Clients agree to provide all relevant and requested documents in a timely manner to the CREDIT RESTART LLC office providing services. We ask that all documentation be provided as soon as reasonably possible. Generally we need this information within two (2) business days receipt.

Clients agree to inform CREDIT RESTART LLC of any change of address in a timely manner. CREDIT RESTART LLC will be limited in providing our services will out obtaining new bills/statements with the newly reflected address.

Clients understand that CREDIT RESTART LLC has no ability to dictate the decisions clients make regarding financial decisions that may impact their credit report, credit score, and/or other financial responsibility(s). Clients cannot and will not hold CREDIT RESTART LLC accountable or liable for any actions , and/or consequences regarding their past, present, and/or future decisions that may impact their credit report, credit score, financial situation, and/or standing(s) with any financial, or otherwise, institution and/or company.

Clients agree to pay CREDIT RESTART LLC for the services rendered. Lack of payment will suspend all work on their account. CREDIT RESTART LLC will work with any customer’s seeking to resolve billing or service issues so long as that customer contacts our office as soon as reasonably possible regarding their billing or accounting issue(s).

The success of this service will be dependent on the completion of the above mentioned client(s) commitments. Clients understand that failure to compete all of these activities will void the service guarantee, refund, and warranty.

Clients are aware that CREDIT RESTART LLC offers Monthly Plans. If a client selects a Monthly Plan, he/she can cancel his/her service at any time. He/she must only provide a 30 day notice in advance. He/she understands that he/she will be billed 1 additional monthly charge after electing to cancel his/her services. This is because you are only billed AFTER services rendered.

2) Disclaimer:
There are several limits to the work of CREDIT RESTART LLC which the client(s) should be aware. Because each case can vary, CREDIT RESTART LLC cannot guarantee any specific or individual results on a client’s case. Because each case is different, there is no precise timeframe that can be reasonably disclosed. Credit Bureau reports as well as other relevant documentation provided us becomes property of CREDIT RESTART LLC. A client agrees to waive all rights to obtain copies of the correspondence sent to the credit bureaus from CREDIT RESTART LLC.

3) Payment Structure:
Clients agree to pay CREDIT RESTART LLC for work as it is completed on a month-to-month basis as noted. Payment is due after any work on a client’s account. If the bank returns the payment dishonored, the client agrees to pay a $30.00 dishonored payment fee. Continued work on this account will be closed if your payments are not received according to your contract.

4) Derogatory Information Reporting: The client(s) would like CREDIT RESTART LLC to dispute all information found on the clients credit report that could indicate misleading information except for the information disclosed to CREDIT RESTART LLC separately. CREDIT RESTART LLC will consider any information that is not disclosed to be inaccurate, unverifiable, or obsolete.


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