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Virtually everyone who’s ever had the credit-rating system explained to them immediately understood that this was a complete scam: these companies that most of us have never heard of nonconsensually ingest gigantic mountains of data about you and your life and produce a numeric score that is nearly impossible to explain and extremely frustrating to alter, and that number is used to determine your access to work, rental accommodations, loans, mortgages and more.

And that’s before you factor in the history of these companies, rooted in the idea of compiling secret dossiers to destroy the lives of political dissidents, activists, […] Read more

Homeowners are sitting on a record amount of cash — and not tapping it

But HELOCs, on the other hand, have variable interest rates, unlike the 30-year fixed primary mortgage, so the rate on a HELOC can change. A HELOC is therefore more risky because the Federal Reserve has been raising rates steadily, and HELOCs follow that.

“Who wants uncertainty when it comes to monthly finances,” said Ben Graboske, executive vice president of Black Knight’s Data & Analytics division. “I think a lot of Americans look at, what are my payments? What is my income coming in and what are my payments going out? They want certainty that they can cover their costs and not […] Read more

Citadel Servicing posts record month

The non-prime space is growing, and Citadel Servicing Corp. is seeing the benefits. The company had a record month in August, with more than $200 million in non-prime originations.

“That is exclusively non-prime, non-QM originations,” said Will Fisher, CSC’s senior vice president of national sales and marketing. “We’re firing on all cylinders, preparing for the end of the year. We received more loans last month than we have in our company history – in August, too, which […] Read more

California Court Orders TransUnion to Pay Record $60M for FCRA Violations for Erroneously Linking Consumers to … – Lexology (registration)

California Court Orders TransUnion to Pay Record $60M for FCRA Violations for Erroneously Linking Consumers to …Lexology (registration)A California jury in federal court ruled on Tuesday, June 20, that TransUnion violated the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) by erroneously linking certain consumers with similarly named terrorists and criminals in the U.S. Department of Treasury’s …

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Credit Scores Hit Record High as Recession Wounds Heal

Credit scores for U.S. consumers reached a record high this spring while the share of Americans deemed to be some of the riskiest borrowers hit a record low — a potential boon for lending and economic activity.

Consumers’ improving fortunes reflect falling unemployment and continued, if lackluster, economic growth. An added benefit: The passage of time since the recession and housing meltdown are helping household balance sheets.

In ever-growing numbers, the worst personal financial setbacks, namely foreclosures and bankruptcies, are falling off Americans’ credit reports. More than six million U.S. adults will have personal bankruptcies disappear over the next five […] Read more

Identity theft is a big headache, don’t let it happen to you | Marion County Record

Staff writer

A Marion County woman got the shock of her life in February 2016 when she received a W-2 form that showed earnings of $15,000, on which she reportedly owed taxes.

“I wish that was my money that I had earned,” she thought.

Bit it wasn’t. She had been getting other things like that in the past four years, like erroneous tax bills and other fraudulent statements.

She knew something was wrong but didn’t know what it was. She learned that she was the victim of identity theft.

She showed this latest form […] Read more