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Congress is considering privacy legislation — be afraid

By Jeff Sovern
May 17, 2019

Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis called privacy the “right to be let alone.” Perhaps Congress should give states trying to protect consumer data the same right.

For years, a gridlocked Congress ignored privacy, apart from occasionally scolding companies such as Equifax and Marriott after their major data breaches. In its absence, states have taken the lead in experimenting with privacy-related laws.

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Elizabeth Warren introduces legislation to hold executives criminally liable for misconduct

After witnessing the CEOs of
Equifax and Wells Fargo recently enter retirement without any criminal charges,
Sen. Elizabeth Warren introduced a bill on Wednesday that would hold executives
of large corporations criminally responsible when their companies commit
crimes, harm large numbers of Americans through civil violations, or repeatedly
violate federal law. Warren also reintroduced another bill designed to hold bank
executives accountable when the banks they lead break the law.

In response to the recent plush
retirement of Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan, who held a senior position in the bank
while millions of fake accounts were opened, thousands of cars were unlawfully
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GAO Report Backs Comprehensive Privacy Legislation

Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Equifax and Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandals, coupled with the proliferation of state privacy and security laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)—as well as proposed laws in Washington and Massachusetts—have increased demand for a comprehensive national privacy law.  Last week, the Senate announced plans to hold hearings to discuss a proposed privacy law.  The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has just released its report recommending that Congress develop comprehensive privacy legislation to enhance consumer protections. 

The GAO, a non-partisan government watchdog, commenced its investigation into the current state of privacy law at the request […] Read more

AG, senator announce legislation to protect Kentuckians following Equifax data breach

Sen. Morgan McGarvey

Attorney General Andy Beshear and Sen. Morgan McGarvey of Louisville have announced legislation to strengthen protections for Kentuckians affected by the Equifax data breach.

Beshear said his office had been working with McGarvey to draft legislation to protect Kentucky families in light of the massive Equifax data breach, which has affected nearly 145.5 million Americans and approximately 40 percent of Kentucky families.

The legislation McGarvey will pre-file amends current state law to require companies responsible for a data breach to provide impacted Kentuckians access to a free credit freeze, three free credit reports each year from each of the major […] Read more