Massive hacks like Equifax and Yahoo are inevitable, so it’s time to assume our data will be stolen — Quartz

If recent hacking attacks such as the one at Equifax, which compromised personal data for about half of all Americans, have taught us anything, it’s that data breaches are a part of life. It’s time to plan for what happens after our data is stolen, according to Rahul Telang, professor of information systems at Carnegie Mellon University.

Companies are prone to understating the scale of hacks, which suggests that there needs to be better standards for disclosing breaches. Yahoo recently confessed that its data breach actually impacted 3 billion user accounts, three times what it disclosed in December. Equifax also […] Read more

Why hacks like Equifax will keep happening

If it feels like 2017 is a banner year for cyberattacks, that’s because it is. And the hits will keep coming.

“We’re living in the beginning of an era of mass targeted attacks,” said Nate Fick, CEO of security firm Endgame. “Things are bad and they’re going to get worse.”

In just the last month, we’ve learned of a data breach from credit agency Equifax affecting 143 million people, an intrusion into the SEC, and a hack at major accounting firm Deloitte.

Almost 2 billion records were lost or stolen globally in the first […] Read more

Equifax Hacks, Hurricane Irma Scams, Power Grid Blackouts

So Equifax got hacked.

The company, one of three main credit reporting agencies along with TransUnion and Experian, said Thursday that the massive data breach affects up to 147 million people—about half the population of the U.S. The compromised information, which Equifax believes to have been accessed in an unauthorized manner between May and July, includes names, addresses, birth dates, credit card numbers, and, most troublingly, Social Security numbers. Someone (or some group) hit the motherlode.


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