Got an Equifax letter saying you were hacked? The helpline’s struggling

Almost 700,000 British victims of the Equifax hack are receiving letters offering a free fraud protection service. But you’ll need to hand over personal details to get it – and many say the helpline the letter directs you to isn’t working properly.

The credit report heavyweight is writing to UK consumers to warn them their personal details have been compromised, after it announced in September its US parent company had been the victim of a cyberattack five months […] Read more

ID theft protection service shares data with Equifax, which was hacked


Equifax breach exposed driver’s license data for almost 11 million. Elizabeth Keatinge (@elizkeatinge) has more.

LifeLock, the identity-protection company, employs about 500 at its headquarters in Tempe, Ariz., outside of Phoenix.(Photo: Russ Wiles, The Arizona Republic)

TEMPE, Ariz. — An identity-theft protection service that has touted Equifax’s data breach earlier this year in its recent marketing gives customer information to the credit bureau that got hacked, according to its terms of service.

LifeLock, which began the marketing campaign in September when Equifax (EFX) disclosed the theft of nearly 146 […] Read more

Equifax website is apparently hacked

Equifax Inc. has taken part of its website offline after an independent security analyst reported that the site apparently had been hacked. He said clicking a link on the site redirected him to a malicious URL urging him to download malware.

Also Thursday, a top Republican congressman introduced a bill that would stop credit reporting companies such as Equifax from using Social Security numbers to verify Americans’ identities.

The potential hack comes a month after Equifax revealed that a data breach exposed the Social Security numbers and birthdates of as many as 145.5 million Americans. That earlier hack took place after Equifax […] Read more

Equifax website hacked again, this time to redirect to fake Flash update

Randy Abrams

In May credit reporting service Equifax’s website was breached by attackers who eventually made off with social security numbers, names, and a dizzying amount of other details for some 145.5 million US consumers. For several hours on Wednesday the site was compromised again, this time to deliver fraudulent Adobe Flash updates, which when clicked, infected visitors’ computers with adware that was detected by only three of 65 antivirus providers.

Randy Abrams, an independent malware analyst by day, happened to visit the site Wednesday evening to contest what he said was false information he had just found on his credit report. […] Read more

Equifax was always dirty, it bills the US government for millions, and was repeatedly hacked / Boing Boing

Before Equifax changed its name in 1976 — in the midst of a Congressional investigation and a national scandal — it was the Retail Credit Company, founded in Atlanta in 1899.

Retail Credit served as a kind of free market Stasi, sending out spies to covertly and overtly gather data on Americans, encouraging neighbors to snitch on suspected homosexuals, race-mixers, and political dissidents and then ensuring that those people would be blacklisted from credit, insurance, and other key financial services.

But this wasn’t the scandal that prompted the company to change its name: rather, it was public outrage that straight, white, Christian […] Read more

Equifax was reportedly hacked almost five months before its first disclosed date

Equifax learned about a major breach in its systems in March, well before it disclosed a massive breach earlier this month that included sensitive information for 143 million consumers, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

Bloomberg is also reporting that both breaches may have involved the same intruders, which is not a good look for the company that is reeling from the massive breach and has seen its stock crater. The company’s security and information executives stepped down last week, and Bloomberg also reported today that the Justice Department is said to be investigating the questionable sale of stock by […] Read more

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee: Is Equifax telling the wrong people they were hacked? | 2017-09-11

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee takes a look at news coming across HousingWire’s weekend desk, with more coverage to come on larger issues.

The Equifax security breach impacted a jaw-dropping 143 million U.S. consumers.

That’s right 143 million consumers, meaning the likelihood you or someone you know had their information wrongfully stolen is uneasily high.

And to make matters worse, according to this from veteran securities reporter, Brian Krebs, on his Krebs on Security blog, the website ( that the credit bureau set up for consumers to see if their personal information was impacted by the breach, may just be haphazardly telling consumers they were impacted when […] Read more