“Which Credit Bureau Does Discover Use?” (2019)

Are you considering applying for a Discover credit card? Then you’ll want to know which credit bureau Discover uses because that’s where you should first review your credit report.

It’s always a good idea to inspect your credit reports for errors because if you successfully dispute a derogatory item, your credit score should immediately improve. Naturally, a higher score makes it easier to obtain your credit card of choice.

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Discover uses all three of the credit bureaus — Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax — to check your credit when you apply for one of its cards. However, […] Read more

“Which Credit Bureau Does Capital One® Use?” (2019)

Capital One is the sixth-largest issuer of credit cards in the U.S. In 2018, its cards had $59 billion in purchase volume, right behind Citibank with $67 billion.

In terms of outstanding balances, Capital One is in third place, with 12.8% of outstanding balances. So, however you slice it, Capital One is a major league player in the credit card industry.

The Capital One Bank markets its credit cards with the slogan “What’s in your wallet?” The company has also gained prominence with the introduction of its Capital One Café, which is a combination of a bank branch and coffee shop featuring […] Read more

“What Credit Bureau Does Chase Use?” (2019)

For most consumers, the question, “What credit bureau does Chase use?” isn’t top of mind. After all, why should you care about which credit bureau a particular bank or credit card uses?

Oftentimes, it doesn’t matter at all. But if you apply for multiple cards at the same time, this information can make the difference between being approved or denied.

Fans of Chase credit cards may want to obtain more than one card, or have a negative mark on one report that may hinder their odds that doesn’t appear on another. If this describes you, read on to see which cards use […] Read more

Got a grievance against a credit bureau? Post your complaint here, and you’re more likely to get a response.

Sometimes it pays to complain.

This is especially true at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The watchdog agency has a complaint database consumers can use to ask for help in resolving financial issues, such as problems with a mortgage, debt or student loan.

In fact, if you’ve tried to get a credit bureau to remove erroneous information without any progress, try submitting your complaint here: consumerfinance.gov/complaint.

And, what do you know? Having the powerful regulatory agency behind you has the effect of making a company respond in a timely manner — often resolving the issue in […] Read more

Equifax and Credit Bureau Connection team up to provide soft credit inquiry checks to auto dealers and lenders

ATLANTA, April 9, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Equifax and Credit Bureau Connection (CBC) are teaming up to offer auto dealers and lenders the ability to empower consumers with credit information with no impact to their credit scores during their initial car-buying journey.

Empowering car shoppers with credit information earlier in the shopping process has been found to be critically important for consumers, lenders and dealers. In fact, according to an Equifax survey of automotive consumers, not all consumers have equal knowledge of their credit. Prime Millennials (70%) and subprime Millennials (64%) are similarly likely to understand their credit situation; however, 78 percent […] Read more

Credit bureau CEOs face four-hour ‘grilling’ in D.C. — bobsullivan.net

Credit bureau CEOs testify under a reminder of their firms’ error rate.

It took more than four hours of questions aimed at credit bureau CEOs, but finally, after a marathon House Financial Services Committee hearing on Tuesday morning / afternoon … the National Consumer Law Center’s Chi Chi Wu said what had to be said.

“I’ve testified before Congress … six times,” she said, to nervous laughter. When, she was saying, will anything change?

Later, PIRG’s Ed Mierzwinski confessed that the first time he testified about credit report problems, the Congressional committee was named, partly, the “Coin Committee.”

It’s good to draw attention to […] Read more

Government shutdowns add new wrinkle to credit bureau reform

WASHINGTON — With House Democrats reviving their focus on the credit bureaus, protecting consumers’ financial data has been eclipsed by a new concern about the reporting agencies: the effects of shutdowns on government workers.

Data security remains on the agenda for top lawmakers, and Congress has done little legislatively in response to the massive 2017 Equifax data breach. But amid reports that the recent 35-day government shutdown hurt credit histories, and with a breakdown in budget talks increasing the odds of a second shutdown, the emphasis has shifted somewhat away from cyberthreats.

The House Financial Services Committee is scheduled to hold a […] Read more

Credit bureau errors still not fixed? MS attorney general wants to know

Bill Moak, Consumer Watch
Published 8:00 a.m. CT Dec. 30, 2018


How to get a free credit freeze.
Susan Tompor/Detroit Free Press

Are credit bureaus correcting errors on your reports?(Photo: Associated Press)

Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood is asking Mississippians to let him know if they are having trouble correcting errors on their credit reports, citing personal experiences and an earlier ruling requiring the “Big 3” credit bureaus to correct credit report […] Read more

Myanmar’s First Credit Bureau to Become Operational Within a Year

Using software from Equifax, the new credit bureau will enable lenders to use credit histories to calculate bad debt risk and potentially lower the need for collateral.

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Equifax Operates Another Credit Bureau, and You Can’t Freeze Your Report Online

Photo: Getty

Remember all that trouble you went through to freeze your credit report after the massive and unforgivable Equifax hack? Turns out it was all for nothing, as security writer Brian Krebs reported Wednesday that the same company responsible for compromising the security of nearly two-thirds of the adult population of the United States also operates a secondary credit bureau that’s affected by a major, easy-to-spot security vulnerability.

The shady-looking credit reporting institution is the National Consumer Telecommunications and Utilities Exchange (NCTUE), and it’s been operating outside the walls of the Big Three credit bureaus of Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion […] Read more