Some Equifax credit file locks have expired. Did yours?

(AP Photo/Mike Stewart, File)

A heads-up for anyone who signed up for the free credit lock offered by Equifax following their massive data breach in 2017.

Your complimentary subscription to TrustedID Premier expired on Jan. 31. That means your account is now unlocked, unless you took steps to re-secure it.

Equifax sent subscribers of TrustedID Premier a series of emails about the change and gave them the option to extend for a year, using a different program.

If you didn’t respond to those emails, you now have two options:

Sign up for Equifax’s free Lock & Alert service

Put a security freeze on your account

Consumer Reports Deputy Money Editor Nikhil Hutheesing says a security freeze, which is also free, is the better choice.

“Best thing you can do is place a credit freeze on your account. It’s the best protection available and it carries strong legal protection,” he said.

A credit lock is something created by the big credit bureaus and it can be changed at any time. A security freeze was created by federal law.

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