Homeowner testifies of Marisa Hobbs and Voss viewing $429,000 home

THUNDER BAY – The homeowner of a house worth more than $400,000 testified of Marisa Hobbs and Mary Voss viewing the home, as well as discussions of an agreement between Voss and the alleged victim.

Day 8 of the extortion trial against former Thunder Bay mayor, Keith Hobbs, his wife Marisa, and Voss continued on Wednesday and included testimony from the homeowner of a home viewed by Voss and Marisa Hobbs in November 2016.

The house was listed at $429,000 at the time and according to the homeowner, several days before the alleged victim’s arrest, Marisa Hobbs and Voss viewed the home […] Read more

LETTER: Post-war generation didn’t have it so easy

It was disappointing to read Tim Murgatroyd’s opinion of people who grew up in ‘post-war prosperity’ (OK Boomer…time to put the young first, November 20).

I wonder if he has actually met and talked to these people. Remember that the war ended in 1945, but food rationing didn’t end until 1954. There were shortages of many basic things we take for granted nowadays, most importantly food, but also clothes, toys, and decent homes.

Certainly good times eventually came, but let us not pretend that only today’s young people have difficulties to contend with. Anyone trying to […] Read more

Housing subsidies a viable option for buyers

Opinion / 27 November 2019, 08:00am / Tertius Simmers

The provincial Department of Human Settlements offers various housing programmes, which include Breaking New Ground or free houses to those earning between R0 and R3 500 a month. Picture: Henk Kruger/African News Agency

Being the owner of your own home is something many South Africans dream of or aspire to.

This is why residents register on the Housing Demand Database, so that as the government builds houses or delivers serviced sites, there’s the hope that they will be next in line for that housing opportunity.

As the provincial Department of Human Settlements, we offer various housing programmes, […] Read more

London’s rivers and canals filling with houseboat dwellers escaping high rents

In London, which suffers from one of the most expensive property markets in Europe, thousands have found alternative housing for less than the cost of a parking space — though it helps if you can repair an engine or plug a leaky hull.

Narrowboats, which aren’t much wider than a king-size bed, have gained in popularity for those willing to sacrifice space and some creature comforts. Moorings on the city’s 100-mile canal network can be had for around £1,000 (Dh4,713) a year. The waterways criss-cross the metropolis, allowing boaters to live in posh areas such as Primrose Hill and St. John’s […] Read more

Bank statement mortgages for self-employed or freelance income

No tax returns? No problem

According to studies, approximately 16 million Americans are self-employed. That’s about one in ten working adults.

And while working for yourself has plenty of perks, it also comes with hurdles. One of those hurdles is that it can be a lot harder to buy a house.

That’s because mortgage companies need to verify your income before they’ll approve you for a home loan. And they usually do that by looking at W2s — which most self-employed people don’t have.

But there’s another way to get qualified for a home loan.

If you’re self-employed, a gig […] Read more

When to Refinance Your Mortgage: Complete Guide

As a homeowner, we’re sure you’re aware that the mortgage is your most significant monthly expense. If you have equity in your home, then you might be thinking about refinancing to help you get into a better financial position.

However, do you have any idea of when it’s a good time to refinance? There are do’s and don’ts when it comes to this situation. In some circumstances, taking advantage of a refi offer can benefit you, but there are times where it’s not a good idea as well.

With the Federal Reserve cutting rates for the first time in four years, American […] Read more

Better.com Review 2019 • Benzinga

Better.com is for home buyers who appreciate an online mortgage experience. You don’t need to visit an office to discuss mortgage options. If you need help, you can call or email a loan officer. Better.com offers an intuitive interface that walks you through the application process. This allows even first time home buyers to feel confident about the process.

Better.com is also a good fit for repeat homebuyers who’ve been frustrated by a slow mortgage process in the past. It also offers refinance mortgages for homeowners looking for a better rate. 

Better.com has its limitations. It doesn’t offer home equity lines of […] Read more

5 Best Mortgage Lenders for Alabama First Time Home Buyers • Benzinga

There’s nothing like Southern living. Alabama has deep historical roots and a vibrant culture. Here are the ins and outs of what you should expect as an Alabama first-time homebuyer. 

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The Best Mortgage Lenders for First Time Home Buyers in Alabama:
The Housing Market in Alabama: An Overview

Before you start looking for a mortgage, it helps to know the Alabama housing market. 

Here’s a quick overview:

Total households: 1,856,695

Median list price: $189,900

3 most expensive cities in Alabama to buy a house:

Gulf Shores

3 most affordable cities in Alabama to buy a house:

Preparing for a Mortgage

As a first-time homebuyer, […] Read more

Current Missouri Mortgage Rates • Benzinga

Looking for a home in the Show-Me State? From jazz clubs to legendary BBQ, Missouri has something for everyone — including the best mortgage rates. Here’s everything you need to know about Missouri mortgage rates. 

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The Best Mortgage Lenders in Missouri:
What is a Mortgage Rate?

Lenders charge interest when they loan you money. Whether you’re charged interest for a credit card, a car loan or a mortgage, interest increases the overall cost of your purchase. Mortgages typically have lower interest rates because a home purchase is relatively large. You might charge a few thousand […] Read more