Credit Restart Affiliate Program

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Credit Restart is dedicated to helping clients quickly improve their credit scores. If you are a real estate agent, mortgage broker, car dealer, or anyone in between, don’t simply turn away clients who couldn’t qualify immediately for a loan. You are losing out on possible sales! Send them to us and we will work to correcting any issues with their credit reports AND we will give you a referral fee! It’s a win win situation. The Credit Restart Affiliate Program allows you to generate revenue and provide your customers with a top notch credit management solution. As a Credit Restart marketing partner, you’ll receive commission on all signups that result from your referral. You will also receive your own affiliate portal so that you can track your earnings.

Affiliate Portal

Affiliates can log in to track all of the clients and leads that have been submitted. Affiliates can search for clients, see leads that are in process, and monitor the status of all referrals. This tool empowers you with the abiltity to send new clients, export the list of existing referrals, and watch the progress.

This techology will allow you to focus on what you do best, rather than having to manually track progress. It’s simple for you to login 24/7 to see the the client’s status, just as the client would see. Providing online marketing tools to your affiliates just got easier with the portal as well!

Affiliate Rules

You cannot earn an affiliate commission on your own purchases or purchases of anyone in your household

If client cancels within 60 days or refund issued then commission is not earned


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